Dear friends yesterday the phantastic sailing season of 2011 came to a definitive end. The Brainwave was taken out of her element and put on her trailer for the winterstop.








As she was flying through the sky towards her trailor lots of wonderfull memories came back from the 2011 sailing season. All the things I did while I was competing in the Dyneema Experience team 2011. The nice trips I made with or without “crew”. Her new sails sporting the logo’s of The Scelta Institute and Innosyn route scouting service. etc.

So to end the season I like to thank all the people who helped me with all the things I needed to do to make a good impression during the Dyneema experience team event 2011. First the sponsors The Scelta Insitute and Innosyn route scouting service for thier support that made it possible to buy the new sails and modify them. Than the members of the Brainwave Bunch Yvonne, Niels and Ilse, Rik, Wim, Elise and Maartje.  But also Noel, Gino, Ger,  Ton and Mouscare. The “Mok” boys from the Friday evening that had to resist my stories about the DET2011. And last but certainly not least DSM Dyneema who started the whole event that turned out to be a phantastic adventure not only in sailing but for sure also in social media use.

Many thanks for all who joint me in one way or another during my Dyneema experience team 2011 journey.

Lets all meet for a closing drink in december and I am looking foreward to the DET 2012 and see you on board again. Thanks a lot, Wilco



It took a while but the Dyneema Experience 2011 came to an end. What a wonderfull event this was.  A journey into the world of social media and maybe beyond as I see what efforts are made by all participants.

Tonight the Brainwave was put to it’s ultimate test. A test that will amaze you because it showed the power of INNOVATION, DEDICATION and GUTS. Just what Dyneema and the Brainwave bunch are all about. Watch the preparations in this link

And than the ultimate challenge from the small Brainwave 550 kg and 6.20 m against the Lady Davida 15000 kg and 16.5 m connected by a Marow rope with Dyneema inside. Check it out on this link

We did it. Powered by our  innovative sail we managed to pull the big boat. The ultimate test was passed and so is the Dyneema Experience.

Thank you all for following us, the nice discussions, the likes on facebook, the tweets the comments.

And thank you Dyneema for giving us the opportunity to experience something completely new for me. The adventure ends, but what an adventure it was.

MERCI on behalf of the Brainwave Bunch


Now that summer 2011, the wettest summer since 1906, is almost over and the last days of challenge 5 pass its time for some thoughts on what I did for DET2011. In a nut shell, sanded and repainted the exteriour of the Brainwave, bought new standing rigging, attracted two sponsors, bought new Gaastra sails, redesigned them for improved performance, added the sponsors logos to the sail, took some of my best friends for a trip on the water and so on. In between I started the Brainwave bunch website helped by Rik, Maartje designed a new fresh bunch logo and a polo shirt for the Brainwave bunch members, Elise did a nice foto shoot hanging above the water and Joep provided the Brainwave with a serious first aid kit, Yvonne took as always care of the Brainwaves future skippers when I went out sailing or was busy writing stuff for this website, twitter and facebook. And Wim (Innovator is my middle name) will make tomorrow the video that will amaze and probably shock the DET2011 members. Innovation, performance and the power to think different will come together in this final video. But we first have to make it :-) .

What more did I do?  The Brainwave bunch added innovation to the DET2011 by means of a new sail design (check the innovation tab on this site). The Idea of adrenalin junkies like blowkarters and kite surfers against sailors in the next Dyneema Experience to mix and merge different worlds. A road show was proposed to bring the marvelous Dyneema containing ropes to the real leisure sailors (because they don’t need them so you have to make them greedy for the ropes). I proposed to give the DET2011 more publicity to send out a facebook notification by DSM.  Also was proposed which could have helped. The introduction of 12 different sailing related # in tweets making the searchability and visability much broader. And certainly I foreget things but thats why this site has an archive :-) .  I added videos and pictures and tweets and comments at facebook posts. Quite a nice harvest for one season I would say.

And why should I be going to Alicante? Just because I was a true leisure sailor and I looked at the whole campaign trough the eyes of a leisure sailor.And wasn’t that the target group? Of course the ropes are immensly strong, safe and durable. All very worthwhile but I liked the looks and feel even more. So in all the race stuff teams like Redan and Panther added to the DET2011 I added the constant leisure factor to the campaign. And I had to learn how to use social media. It took me via 0 points in challenge 1 to best of the rest in challenge 4. Quite an improvement. Therefore Alicante  would be extremely special for me because it would take me way out of my sailing comfort zone. And I am ready to experience that. Is this al? No certainly not. More to come in the days ahead so stay tuned.

As corporate branding is becoming more and more popular and important I am glad that the Brainwave bunch has at least a start in this field. Maartje from ( developed a striking new logo that reflects the identity of the bunch. Dynamic, lifely, innovative and with a grafic representation of the novel 2W sail design containing the slots that cause a major drag reduction and thus increase speed while sailing. And as the designer of the logo Maartje shows the polo near the natural element of the Brainwave, on the banks of the river Maas. On behalf of the bunch a big THANK YOU Maartje. Of course the names of the sponsors are also visible. Lets be honest no sponsors no polos. And therefore also for you Scelta Institute and InnoSyn MANY THANKS for your help.

Yesterday the Brainwave went out to host a DPP video shoot. As almost all video stars declined thier contribution, one only 2 minutes before leaving, only Thomas and me had to do the job. The rain that drizzled down for almost the whole afternoon made it an event to forget. But after all we managed to get some footage on the flipcamera. The result? Not sure but lets hope for the best. Despite the bad weather Thomas enjoyed the trip.

As today looked like the last day with decent weather (28 degrees) I hurried to the Brainwave to take her for a sailing trip enabling her inside to dry after the wet trip yesterday. Because lots of people had the same idea as me it proved to be quite crowded on the water. After having completed a round on the lake in Asselt something wierd happend. Lots of sailors look very carefully to the Brainwaves innovative sail, the flashy front sail and the logos of the Scelta Institute and InnoSyn route scouting services. Not to mention the bright coloured Marlow ropes containing Dyneema. One sailor even crashed almost into a fellow sailors boat while watching intensly the slots in the main sail. Luckily he just could avoid a collision. This all means that the Brainwave is now a striking appearence on the waters in Asselt and its surroundings. Just what the Brainwave,Dyneema, InnoSyn and the Scelta Institute want to accomplish.


On the way back to the harbor in Neer the wind came from behind giving me the opportunity to sail “melkmeisje” of milkmaid in good english :-) . Meaning that one sail is over starboard and one over larboard. It gives a nice view on both sponsors logos in one picture.



Innovations that work on water can sometimes also be applied on land. The innovative sail design from the Brainwave is transferred to a blokart. Check out the link As most blokarters are thoroughbread adrenalin junks the use of top materials is key to make the best possible performance happen. No doubt about that Dyneema containg ropes fit in this sport. Remember my suggestion to add blokarters to a future Dyneema experience? As they are usually quite a differend breed of sportsman the clash between “wet and dry sailors” could be very interesting. So Dyneema, want to find out? The Brainwave Bunch is in.

During this lousy Dutch summer one has to take every opportunity to go out on the water. Today was such a day. More than beautifull weather and friends that want to experience a trip on the Brainwave. Looking at its new colour, new rigging, new innovative sail, the sponsors logo’s and of course the Dyneema containg ropes with thier shiny bright colours. So we agreed to meet in front of Krekels watersport were they could board the Brainwave. Although it was perfect weather to be out on the water the wind was not such that we could have an exiting sailing trip but after all the rain we had in Limburg  we must not complain. In the link   you can see a glimpse of how it looked. The bright yellow genua and the slotted main sail attracted a lot of attention of fellow watersporters. So now Roermond knows about the Scelta Institute and Innosyn route scouting services. If you want more info please check thier websites. Despite the very moderate windconditions we had a very nice afternoon crossing the noorderplas in Roermond. So thank you Wim, Karin, Leo and Daphne for joining me. And also Wim’s Ipad for making the video :-)



The Brainwave bunch wans to add something for challenge 5 of the Dyneema Experience 2011. Therefore we posted the following on facebook to make sure that all DET2011 members can view it.

Looking back at the DET2011 I look back, but still also ahead :-) , with a big smile. The best and by far the best looking ropes around can be found on the Brainwave. There is no doubt about that. But do I need them? To be honest, no. On the other hand imagine buying a new boat would I rig it with Dyneema containing ropes. Yes I would. Just because the looks and feel of the ropes. This brings me to the point I want to make. I think most leisure sailors are not really interested in the performance of Dyneema ropes because thier current, usually old, ropes do the job well enough. To convince them buying Dyneema ropes I think that they like to see and feel the ropes just to get used to that. Make them greedy. If they than also hear that these ropes are the best around they want to have them. Turn the Dyneema ropes into leisure sailors gadgets and they will buy them. As they don’t go to the shop, remember thier old ropes are doing thier job, go to the leisure sailors. organize a road/water show and let them experience “THE ROPE”.

As you all could read on twitter was Elise prepared for some serious sailing on the Brainwave. And that was wat we intended to do. But than as we were out on the water the wind was not as enthousiastic as we thought. More precisely it went from slightly moderate to weak to just enough to almost move the wind pointer. Meaning no sailing and certainly no serious sailing. So what to do. A boat full of yougsters passed by and they dropped thier anchor. And they had music on board. Queen, I want to BREAK free. What Queen was singing about and Dyneema that doesn’t match. Dyneema doesn’t break. To prove that Dyneema is reliable, strong and usefull for almost everything, watch the picure. Missis InnoSyn on the Scelta Institute sail above the water held by only a small but immens strong rope with Dyneema inside. Only the best for my friends. Next time we will choose a more windy day for sailing to make it more serious. More to come at short notice.

Friends today the new modified Gaastra sail was taken to its element. The Maas and the wind someting I call sailing. In the video one can see how it looked in real life. Although it was not very crouded on the water I caught a lot of attention. I could hear fellow sailors talk about the slots in the sail, the Scelta logo and why the slots were there. Some even tried to ask me what the purpose of the slots were. Quite difficult to explain while passing by I can tell. Conclusion The Brainwave, The Scelta Institute, InnoSyn Route scouting and Dyneema (in disguise as Marlow ropes) and just for insiders Mousecare were clearly present on the water. Tomorrow an other day of sailing and than I am ready to take passengers. Want to learn more about my sponsors please visit thier websites. Tomorrow more footage from the Brainwave.

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